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January 13, 2014

new (free) music & HD videos


One of my newest projects, pigWar, is based in Portland and is getting ready to finish up an EP we recorded at my place last Summer.  We're releasing the first track today and it's called "Give It Up."

Check it out here.

It's a Teddy P production, but includes lyrics from Garett Brennan, vocals from Nick Savage, drums by Kyle Honeycutt, and LeClare Stevenson on piano, organ, clavinet, and bass!

Outcries from a Sea of Red FIRESALE!

Just when I thought I'd reached the end of my first run printing of the Outcries album, I found a box full of these little funkers!  So, I'm hooking it up at $5/copy which includes shipping and handling for US delivery.

Outcries from a Sea of Red - $5


Former bassist from the Teddy P Funket and friend of the family, Shlomo Ovadya, recently launched a pretty darn impressive YouTube channel called Fearless Free.  They recently filmed the last FU*K MONSTER show and it's in glorious HD.  Check it out:

Watch the Video
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January 06, 2014

Not everyone liked the Beatles

This one goes out to all of the songwriters and artists out there.  Whether you are just getting into putting your original music out there for people to listen to, or you have been doing it your whole life, you gotta let other people's words roll off your shoulders like the rain.

A lot of us make art and music for others to enjoy.  So it's only natural that we publish our music online for others to see and hear.  These days it's so easy to do... almost too easy (but that's another blog post!).

Our art is often a very personal thing and it's tough to see the eventual criticism or negative feedback you will receive from putting yourself out there.  I learned very early on how to deal with this and here is my internal mantra:

"Not everyone liked the Beatles, and not everyone will like you!"

image from

The Beatles are arguable one of the most popular bands of all time, and still there are people who think they are boring and suck!  So, what makes you think that everyone will enjoy what you put out?  If you happen to stumble upon a negative review, just let it roll off your shoulders like the rain and move on.  Keep making music and art and don't let anyone's negativity get in the way of your goals. 

I'm not saying to prepare for a negative onslaught when you put yourself out there.  I'm saying that the more you put yourself out there, the more love you will get but you will also receive the negative from time-to-time too.  Don't take it personally.... not everybody liked the Beatles!

December 08, 2013

A Holiday Message From Teddy P!

give the gift of funk

Hey funk babies!  I've been real busy since I moved back to Portland producing a handful of bands, playing country guitar licks for radio spots, doin' plenty of funky R&B session work and more.  I'll be focusing on my own music again real soon.  Until then I wanted to hook you up with some holiday gift ideas!

buy any Teddy P CD and get a free 2nd copy!

I've got 4 albums that are currently available in CD form.  Buy any of them this month, and you will get a 2nd copy for FREE to give to a friend as a gift!

The Resistance Organ Trio does Zeppelin - $10.99

Apocalypse Yesterday - $7.99

Outcries from a Sea of Red - $6.99

Blueprint of Soul - $6.99



send digital albums as a gift

If you're more into the digital age, all 8 of my albums are available as digital downloads.  You can also very conveniently send these albums as a gift.  Check it out here!  Pick an album and click the "send as a gift" link and you're all set!

guitar lessons are a great gift

I recently started teaching guitar lessons again and am loving it.  Why not buy yourself or a friend some lessons as a gift?!  I teach in Portland, OR but also now teach ONLINE guitar lessons too!  Info is right here!

February 05, 2013

music club - one album left!

dearest music clubbers!

as most of you know, i've moved from Saint Louis to the west coast.  i'm now settling back into Portland, OR and loving it!  my studio is all packed up and i won't be getting to it until early spring.  most of you will be getting a CD in the mail of all the music club songs, now that all 24 songs have been released. 

it's gonna be some time until i can polish all of the songs, design an album, and mail them to you.  but it will be worth it and in the meantime, if you'd like a digital copy of any of my albums, go ahead and pick one and i'll hook you up.

let me know if you have any questions!

-teddy p

June 25, 2012

Music Club Update

Music Club Update

I am so pleased so far with this idea!  We have several hundred AMAZING members that have provided me with the support and encouragement to produce the music in my mind into something tangible like a mp3 and CD!

so far this year we have released:

-12 of the 24 music club only songs

-my first EP with vocals (

-a brand new collaboration called Soul Rub which donates 50% of its proceeds to charity (

-an instrumental soul rock jazz led zeppelin album on the way and more

please, if you love a musician, find a way to support them either by purchasing their music or telling a friend and spreading the word. this is a hard business to get by in!  Here is my club info:

Soul Rub

Soul Rub is a brand new studio collaboration between Nate Frost and Teddy Presberg.  Their debut EP, Missouri Surf Soul, is now available online at  You can listen to the album in its entirety for free online and if you want to download the album (you should) it's a $5 minimum donation with half of the proceeds benefitting the University City Children's Center (


The Resistance Organ Trio does Zeppelin album is almost mixed and soon to be mastered.  We're on the look for some cool artwork for the cover.  Got anything you'd be willing to share?  Please contact us at with ideas! 

Apocalypse Yesterday Limited Edition Prints

We still have a few of the limited edition prints of this album.  This is my first album with vocals.  Get 'em while they last!

May 16, 2012

FU*K MONSTER meets Bernie Worrell/Steve Kimock - May 20th

Catch a rare appearance of my latest all original project, FU*K MONSTER, this Sunday as we open for Steve Kimock and Bernie Worrell at the Old Rock House.  The MONSTER plays all original new wave heavy groove synth, guitar fuzz rock.  Kimock is a great guitarist I use to see all the time when I lived on the Left Coast.  He's got a great flow and comes from the "Jerry" School of playing for all you deadheads.  And if I had to vote for the most innovative musician alive, it would be Bernie Worrell.  'Nuff said!

Old Rock House
1200 S. 7th Street, Saint Louis, MO 63104
Doors 7:00
$25 - all ages
More info: and

April 25, 2012

Limited Edition copies of Apocalypse Yesterday

Now Available For A Limited Time

The Apocalypse Yesterday EP that Teddy released digitally in December is now available for order as a limited edition pressing. Music clubbers have already spoken for 50% of this pressing, so hurry while supplies last and put in your order today right here:


-100% post-consumer recycled thick cardboard brown paper that shows its recycled fibers, unique to each package
-machine numbered, limited edition
-eight-panel high-gloss inserts with photo shoot and lyrics
-amazing music

Music Club News

The music club is kicking butt.  You can now listen to and purchase the first 6 songs individually right here:

And, of course here is the membership info:
Only $15 to join up!

December 20, 2011

Music Club Referral Program

Last Minute Holiday Gift Needs?

I've got two beautiful albums that make perfect stocking stuffers:

Teddy Presberg Music Club 2012

The Music Club is ready to hit next year!  If you missed your chance to sign-up during the "kickstarter phase" you've got another chance!  Membership is now open to all:

Lots of pricing options ready-to-go!  Makes a great gift too!

Music Club Referral Program

And speaking of gifting the Music Club, if you get a friend to sign-up for the club, or just gift the club, you will get a free membership for 2013 at the $15 level. For each additional friend you sign-up, you can get upgraded one-level-- all the way to the $100 level Just have your friend enter your name in the referral box when they sign-up!  We can also upgrade your 2012 memberships too!

Apocalypse Yesterday: FREE DOWNLOAD NOW!

My new EP Apocalypse Yesterday is now available!  Grab it for free right here:  or order a limited-edition copy there as well!

December 10, 2011

Music Club Is Almost Ready To Launch!

Only a few weeks left until we launch in 2012!

One of the best parts of this club is that I will be sending everyone two songs per month. I plan on sending a song to members on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month (because Mondays can be boring otherwise).  
I just got back from a three-night recording session in the woods with my organ trio.  We knocked out the Led Zeppelin EP, and a handful of other songs for the Music Club!  Everything sounded real good bouncing of the A-Frame and across the lakes.

Unfortunately, the keystone piece of equipment for my studio rig blew up on the last night!  So, I'm yet to do any overdubs on those sessions.  I should be back up and running soon and plan on staying on schedule! 

My website ( will also be updated soon with info on the Music Club and how others can join.  I'll make sure to reach out when that happens.  Please share thoughts on how I can setup a rewards system for you to refer friends to the club!

I plan on utilizing this blog more regularly in 2012 to keep everyone interested in the songwriting process, musicality, production, design process, music biz, etc.

If you have not signed up to my email list, please do show by clicking this link:  You'll get supplemental info not on this blog, including information on shows in your area.